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Hi! I’m Ch√© Dyer – a South African born, red-wine-loving illustrator and yoga teacher based in London.

I love creating fun branding for yoga teachers and cute illustrations for small business owners and individuals.

It’s my favourite thing to collaborate on creative projects that are unusual, quirky or something out of the ordinary! Recipe books, T-shirt designs,¬†Illustrations, Baby scrapbooks, Yogi cartoons – you name it! I love creating hand-made things and bouncing ideas back and forth with clients to create something totally unique.

My style is bright, fun and organic. I love working with paper and ink first before creating a digital version so that the rough, organic style is maintained. I sell a range of yogi-themed greeting cards and products which highlight this style.

If you’d like to read a bit more about me and all the crazy-fun things I get up to, or to sign up to one of my creativity and self love courses head over to – the place of creative inspiration for health and happiness.

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