Best Baby Book – handmade baby keepsake

A handmade baby book

personalised best baby bookbespoke baby book

This was such a beautiful project to work on. A mom-to-be contacted me after she saw the handmade baby book that I made for Baby Hallelujah and asked if I would make one for her “coming-soon” baby, Eden. With both projects surprisingly the moms have known the name of the baby before birth- which, although not essential, works out really well in a personalised baby book as you really can fully customise it.

baby keepsake book

Mom wanted the book to be “filled with ALL the bright colours of the rainbow!” and she gave me free reign to design and layout the pages how I wanted. There were a few pages (like a pregnancy diary) that she specifically requested and when I asked if she wanted a list of proposed spreads she said she wanted the entire thing to be a complete surprise!

The last personalised baby book I created was all done in shades of black, gold, silver and neutrals, so this one was a totally different direction! That is what makes bespoke items so special.

I made sure to include plenty of space for photos, for journaling and letters from mom and fun/quirky prompts for mom and baby to fill in together over their first year.

There is a lot of attention to detail that goes into these type of projects and I really spend a lot of time thinking about useful pockets and secret places that you could store photos or hospital bands or kid show tickets or cards and letters from friends and family.

For me, this project is not just “a best baby book” (if I do say so myself!), it is a gorgeously curated gift for your child that would make you so excited to give them on their 21st birthday as a collection of precious memories from their childhood. Because it isn’t fluffy bunnies and squirrels, it really is something that is truly timeless…

21st birthday gift

If you are interested in having a completely personalised baby book made, or you are looking to order one for a baby shower or friend’s pregnancy, please get in touch for a quote.