Chi Ra Workshop

Yoga Teacher Workshop Illustration

Yoga Teacher Jade contacted me about creating some custom illustrations for a yoga workshop on embodying feminine power. Her concept was to create a female yogi warrior similar in look and feel to She-Ra of He-man. She wanted a variety of yoga positions for this warrior to be in, as well as an “inner critic” which we modelled on Ursula of the Little Mermaid. Once graphics were created we laid out a flyer to advertise the event.

 photo chi ra lotus portfolio_zpsnfvnya7y.jpg
 photo chi ra portfolio_zpsb83jn1jv.jpg
 photo chi ra inner critic portfolio_zpsuyuny12t.jpg
 photo Chi-Ra princess of power portfolio_zpsnpt6isu6.jpg
 photo Chi ra workshop flyer portfolio_zpsfwned0qg.jpg