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Leanie, the bride, contacted me to commission an entire wedding stationery set with a fun cartoon theme. The colour palette of the day included peach, blush pink, mint and hints of gold. We incorporated these colours into the cartoons to create a soft romantic feel for this stationery set. The save the dates (above) were sent out electronically and featured stripes of the colour palette as well as a speckling of sequins which was carried throughout the stationery.

 photo inviteframe1portoflio_zps859d465c.jpg

To create the wedding invitations themselves, the bride wanted to showcase the couples’ story through a series of four cartoon panels which highlighted their meeting, departing, engagement (which took place in an airplane!) and their wedding day to come. The four cartoon panels stretched over a timeline and included the distance in kilometres that the couple had traveled to be together.

 photo inviteframe2updatedport_zps73f30399.jpg  photo inviteframe3portfolio_zpscd4c02a2.jpg  photo inviteframe4portfolio_zps8d573327.jpg

Once the four cartoon panels were created – we laid them out into the invitation format below, including a few extra graphics for visual interest.

 photo inviteFinalPinkMintAportfolio_zps60cfe3cd.jpg

The ceremony programs (below) were created in a similar style to the invitations and included some photos from the couple’s engagement shoot. {Note: The bride and groom requests two different sets of stationery, one in Afrikaans and the other for their English-speaking guests}

 photo programsEnglish_zpsbea394f8.jpg

To continue with the cartoon theme, the menus also incorporated some fun graphic elements whilst maintaining the soft pink and mint hues.

 photo menuA3changesPortfolio_zps0f15cf1d.jpg

To stick with the airplane-proposal, the seating plan was arranged around a giant world map and the seating chart took the form of airplanes for each table. The name cards for each person included the original cartoon motif to carry the stationery set right from the initial Save the Date, all the way through to the place settings.

Part way through this design process I received the following email from the groom –

 Hi Ché,

I have to chip in here – you really have done such an amazing job for us and made this such a special part of our wedding arrangements. You might not realise it, but we’ll look at these for many, many years to come and in that way, your work is now a part of our lives. And special thanks for taking care of the wishes of my special woman. All the best,

 – Theuns, the groom.